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What's new in Tennis Motion World 4.2?


  • What's new in Tennis Motion World 4.2?

    Tennis Motion World 4.2 includes a variety of new features to make owning and administrating a Tennis Motion World Forum easier and more enjoyable.

    These features include:

    Activity Stream - Up to the minute streams of the content you choose. Supports Articles, Threads, Visitor Messages, Social Groups, Albums and more. Activity Streams show as a main community wide stream that is filterable by the end user so they only see the content they want to see. Activity Streams are also available on the personal profile of users so friends can keep up with the activity of each other quickly and easily.

    Navigation Manager - Gain full control over your community's navigation bar and tabs. Use the Navigation Manager to create new tabs, links, and sub-menus for your site. This allows you to highlight the parts that are important to your community. Addon Developers can easily tie into the Navigation Manager giving you complete control over the links they provide without always resorting to plugins or editing templates.

    Various Minor Features
    • Members who have Visited Today
    • Cron-based Batch Email Sending
    • UserCP Reputation Display
    • Reputation Notification
    • User Profile Reputation Display
    • Who has Read a Thread
    • Doublepost Prevention
    • Enhanced Reputation Checks
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